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New Boat Casting rod “Tobizo” released!!

“the world greatest boat casting rod” is born, named “Tobizo”. 

We have invested literally “Everything of ZENAQ” into Tobizo, including all technology of 60 years of rod manufacturing and 20 years of off-shore casting experience.




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PLAISIR Answer PA90 - Jaw Breaker - Released!!

PA90 is a power-versatile rod for several types of lures for targeting many species in various locations.

Target fish: Bluefish, Bonito, Seabass, Leerfish, Barracudas, Blue Runners.




NEW GLANZ 3models Debut!!

GLANZ is a special rod for handling Big / Giant Lures technically for any monstrous targets.

Targeting Northern Pike, Blackbass, European Catfish, Murray cod, and any monstrous fish in flesh and salt water



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New Release!! Expedition EP55-14 Jigging

The Real 2 Piece Jigging Rod for your fishing trip is now debut!

The real 2 piece rod, which ZENAQ put all in the know-how and effort, is now debut!

We made its clothed length only 87cm, by considering high mobility in a compact car, an airplane, or in any situations.

EP55-14 Jigging is a versatile heavy jigging model, best for using metal jig of 200g to 350g.

Even though it’s a 2 piece rod, it has very smooth bending curve, high reliability not to get broken, and enough power to win a fight with any monster fish.

ZENAQ Field Tester Mr. Alban caught a huge oilfish of 73kg (potential world record) with this rod.

Your fishing trip will be much easier and much more fun, also you can now challenge for the new unknown adventure with Expedition EP55-14 Jigging.

(Target fish: Tuna, Dog-tooth tuna, King Fish, Oilfish, Amberjack, Grooper, etc..)




From 1st of January, 2015, ROUF Expedition series will be changed into ZENAQ Expedition.

*Rod specs will not be changed.

Continually, ROUF keeps on being a brand that freely pursues an ideal and novelty.



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