Interantional Guarantee

All ZENAQ rods come with an international guarantee card.
Japanese domestic guarantee card is invalid outside of Japan.

International guarantee card

International guarantee Policy


  • An international guarantee card is valid once when a rod is broken (snapped).
  • Guarantee is applied only for repairing the indicated rod on a guarantee card.
  • A broken rod is repaired for the guarantee price written on a guarantee card.
  • Guarantee expiration date is when 3 years have passed from product discontinuance. However, we can still repair afterwards as long as we have repair components.
  • A guarantee price is paid for repairing each piece (section). For example, to repair 2 pieces (sections), a customer needs to pay double.
  • After the second time of breaking, we will repair it with an original part price.


How to make a repair request


  • Repair request needs to be made through the shop where you purchased the product.
  • To apply a guarantee price, we need a guarantee card and a broken rod.
    Please bring the card and the rod to a shop and send it over to ZENAQ head office in Japan.
    A guarantee price and shipping cost are charged to the customer.