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Reel Stop Rubber

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Never worry about your reel seat loosening again.
Many years ago, we innovated the double nut ring reel seat locking mechanism to resolve this common problem that often occurs as a result of repeated casting or jigging. Now, our rubber reel stops absolutely ensure that no reel ever comes loose, and they also soften the overall feel of reel seats in your hands.
Besides being stretched over the locking nuts on reel seats, the reel stops can also be worn under reel feet to stop reels from shifting on rods without over-tightening the locking nuts, as this risks damaging both rods and reels.

TypeSize(Length x Diamater)pcsAttchable reel seat
Short Type30mmL x 15mmΦ(2pcs)25~30mmΦ
Long Type60mmL x 15mmΦ(1pc)25~30mmΦ