Inspire the Soul

There are no shortcuts to the production of superior equipment.
We remain committed to our principles even as the times evolve.
We have become better today than we were yesterday, and will become better tomorrow than we are today.
We strive to always challenge our limits, breaking the mold, and pay meticulous attention to the details.
The evolution of fishing rods is only possible through the relentless pursuit of genuine excellence.
Only when the thoughts of the creator are conveyed can an item be regarded as the “genuine article.”
We are excited to share our values and joy as a manufacturer of fishing rods with our customers.
ZENAQ will continue to create rods that will inspire the soul.

Innovating as an angler

Our company has always been driven by the concept of incorporating on-site feedback from the field into our products.
We are proud that this mindset has allowed us to create fishing equipment that anglers can have tremendous faith in.

The Finest Quality, the Pride of Japanese

Since 1960, our company has assiduously produced each and every rod at our on-site factory in Japan,
from the origin of fishing rods bamboo rods to the current carbon rods.
By concentrating our factories in the same place,
we are able to constantly refine our skills and create superior rods that embody the unique sensibilities of Japanese people.
That is the pride of ZENAQ.

1960  Bamboo rod 

Making a fishing rod from real “Bamboo”.

“SASAKURA MFG Co., Ltd” was established.
Photo: The founder, Kazuya Sasakura (1930-2014) at the bamboo rod factory in 60s.

1971  Glass fiber

A new material “Glass fiber” hugely changed fishing industry. 

Bamboo had been a main material, but it was very heavy for a fishing rod.
By appearing Glass fiber, a fishing rod had changed dramatically to be very light and strong.
Photo: the latest machine for making a rod blank in 70s.

1979  Carbon Fiber

Fishing rod with an Innovational material “Carbon fiber”.

Comparing to glass fiber rod, surprisingly light and strong fishing rod was born by composing the latest material “carbon fiber”.
Even though carbon fiber was extremely expensive, it has become a main material for high quality rods in a flash.
The age of fishing rod with very light weight and high durability is started.
(Previous brand, APOLLO delivery wagon. Volks Wagen 1973 T2b)

1996  Complete order-made rod 

You can even design your original “Blank”.

Complete order-made service which you can even create your original “blank” is started by ZENAQ
who does all the producing processes and assembling fishing rod in the on-site factory in Japan. 
Literally “Order made” rod had appeared to the market.

1997  Rise of Boat Jigging 

Releasing “Jigger Trust”.

New type of boat jigging rod is developed assuming use of PE line. Before PE line was appeared,
anglers used to use Nylon line for jigging, but its high flexibility made difficult to fish in deep area.
At this age, there were no specialized tackles for vertical jigging for PE line,
so we repeated trial and error to pursue the real need of Jigging rod.
Jigger Trust allowed anglers to reach unexplored deep area in the sea and generated new fishing technics.

1997  Double-Nut Ring

The idea which comes out of real experience.

Reel nut section is usually easy to be loosened. ZENAQ original Double-Nut Ring (PAT.) tightens sufficiently.
All ideas come out of real field are always genuine and useful.
Double-Nut Ring had become an essential for heavy jigging and any hard fishing. 

1999  FOKEETO Debut

“Handmade in Japan” leads the world lure fishing game.

FOKEETO was born to be “more specific models” for answering evolved technics.
By using FOKEETO series for boat jigging and casting game, many record fish has been caught one after another.
This series, which has been loved in all over the world until now, had become ZENAQ Flagship rod which leads boat game in the world.

1999  DEFI Redge

“Extreme Performance and Fragility”

DEFI Redge was true specialized rod for “extreme sensitivity and light weight” based on very high elastic carbon material.
Just like a “Racing car”, it extremely sharpen its specific ability, but at the same time,
it was also very difficult to handle because the carbon material at the time was very fragile when its elasticity is high.
The character of the rod “Extreme performance and Fragility” attracts many experienced anglers,
and DEFI Redge eventually earned a great reputation.

1999  “8-Strands” Braided line, Jigger Trust

We create what we want if it’s not existed.

In 1999, an existing braided PE line that used to be used was “4-strands”, it generates awful noise by friction of line and guide ring.
The noise was transmitted into the water through the line, and it makes fish cautious. 
Our idea of “8-Strands” resolved the noise and performed higher durability,
and it let anglers to use thinner line than before.
Besides, not to make it colorful for measuring depth, we made it with white color.
The reason why we chose white color was we found out that “white color is the most invisible color from fish”.
“8-strands PE line” has been a standard in today’s market.

2001  Squid Game, “Eging”

“ASSAUT” which made today’s basic action of Eging rod.

We needed completely different blanks idea that while using high elastic carbon to give great lure action,
enduring from breaking by hard jerking with PE line.
Many proto-rod went and came back between fields and the factory. 
Also, to solve one of disadvantage of PE line “Line trouble”,
we equipped extra small guide (called UL guide for Iso fishing), it greatly decrease line trouble.
Finally, the representative model “ASSAUT Shore S86 Accura” is born, which created a huge trend of day-Eging game.

2001  Slow Action Jigging, Whippy

The tougher situation, the more results.

We released a slow action jigging rod “FOKEETO Whippy” which is totally the opposite action of mainstream of Jigging rod.
Whippy was designed to bring better result even in tough situation, its flexible blank catches even small bites.
 ZENAQ concept of “I’m an angler” = “reflecting the real field experience to our product” created the new type of rod,
it has widened variety of Jigging game.

2001  The New Concept of Seabass Rod

Fast Taper “PLAISIR” Debut.

PLAISIR changed the conception of seabass rod at the time, it aggressively approaches with its fast action.
Especially on developing PLAISIR, incalculable number of prototypes and field tests are repeatedly done.
The passion of an eager field tester and ZNEAQ staff were finally realized.
In fact, “DEFI Redge” in 1999 had a big impact on the field tester to produce PLAISIR Series.
Thereafter, PLAISIR will be highly rated in the world as a great spinning rod.

2002  Aggressive Mebaru Game “ASTRA”

Soft and sensitive tubular tip was required.

Existing Mebaru rods were always with “soft solid tip” and “slow taper”, and those had very low sensitivity.
With this type of rod, anglers couldn’t responsively react to bites, thus it was very difficult to fish delicate ones.
ASTRA’s concept was “enabling to catch even small bites aggressively”.
Thanks to a carbon maker’s corporation, we could develop Very soft and very sensitive tip section even though it’s a tubular blank.
ASTRA allowed anglers to make hooking at the moment of bites, and it established Aggressive Mebaru Game.
Yellow blank for heightening visibility at night is also attractive.

2003  Shore Jigging “MUTHOS”

For supporting passionate experts who pursue one’s dream.

Beloved MUTHOS for shore jigging was born by evolving casting rod “DEFI (1999 released)”.
At this time, not many people knows what shore jigging is, however,
we tried to develop a great gear to support one’s dream with our passionate field tester.
It’s no exaggeration to say that evolution of shore jigging by now and a foundation of today’s rock shore game was always with MUTHOS.

2004  ROUF

This is why we established workshop “ROUF”.

Our ideas of “out of a common conception” can be attractive products, but there are always problems for mass production to be regular products.
However, we wish to roll out Challenging models, Niche items, and anything attractive although it’s difficult to mass-produce.
This is why we established workshop ROUF to realize an interesting idea to be a product whether everyone like it or not.
RG guide system, special rod concept, etc. are born from this workshop.

2006 Bamboo Work

A Sense of Humor for Grown-ups.

Based on ZENAQ super blanks, we added a sense of humor, “Japan taste”.
Bamboo work doubles joy to fish, and Bamboo work reminds you fishing is a great hobby of your life.
It is the masterpiece that satisfies your sense of humor.

2009  RG Guide System

The world can be changed only by a complete novel idea.

RG guide system is a specialized guide setting for PE line which brings out the full potential of spinning tackle. 
As a common idea, “a butt guide has to be big for spinning rod”,
but we found out a butt guide with a small guide ring like a top guide and high foot frame will increase its performance.
However, such unique guide that we thought of was not existed, so we decided to produce an ideal guide by our own. 
Moreover, we equipped more than double number of guides on one rod, then it also raised its potential higher. 
Anglers who saw the rod with RG guide system for the first time, was mentioning
“casting distance will be definitely decreased with this kind of guide setting”.
However, RG started being highly reputed and popular all the odds, once anglers actually use it.
The many advantages which were born with RG guide system changed a common conception of guide setting hugely.

2011  High-Spec Compact rod

“Expedition” which is absolute reliability.

For your fishing trip / Fishing adventure by airplane, small cessna, boat, bike, etc.
For the situation you cannot bring long or many tackles with you, Expedition was developed.
When you are in a different country to catch dream fish, breaking of rod is not forgiven, we needed high-spec of course but also high reliability. 
Using our technical knowledge, Expedition was born to support your extreme fishing.

2014  MUTHOS Accura

We change the new standard for the evolved shore jigging game.

It has already been about 15 years since we released the genuine shore jigging rod, MUTHOS.
Our field test has been kept on going while all this time of 15 years,
and the polished fishing technics and new philosophy made a further evolution on a rod, which are 
Soon, its great potential was unveiled in the field. In tough condition of fishing from shore, MUTHOS Accura landed a Bluefin tuna of 55kg in Japan. 
We believe the reason why our customers say “you should try ZENAQ rod once”
is because our products are always from the real demand from the real field, not only by ideas on a paper.

2017  Tobizo

The world greatest boat casting rod, “Tobizo”.

“A difference of casting distance” is “a difference of results”. 
The flagship model, Tobizo that masters astonishing casting distance is completed.
We have invested literally “Everything of ZENAQ” into Tobizo,
including all technology of 60 years of rod manufacturing and 20 years of off-shore casting experience.
Moreover, by compositing the latest carbon material TORAY T1100G which is said an innovational material in 20 years,
Tobizo has obtained overwhelming rod potential.


-Break the Standard- New generation jigging rod

20 years have passed since we released an offshore jigging rod ahead of others.
Our new invention “IKARI BLANK ” (super high elastic carbon x built-in carbon core) changed offshore jigging once again.
A rod that amplifies true pleasure of fishing was born.