What is the RG Guide System?

The RG Guide System is a specialized guide system like no other designed specifically for PE lines.
RG brings out the fullest potential of spinning rods from casting to working lures and fighting fish. 

Characteristics of RG

One-of-a-kind butt guide with extra-small insert + compact running guides


One-of-a-Kind Butt Guide

Prior to the conception of the RG Guide System, no rod manufacturer dared to venture off the beaten path of heavy, inefficient, large diameter butt guides. However, after years of extensive research and development, ZENAQ discovered that a properly-designed and carefully-placed small butt guide would improve casting distance and smoothness with PE line beyond any prior expectations. With an intimate understanding of the characteristics of PE line and a desire to use only the lightest, strongest, and most corrosion-resistant materials available, ZENAQ’s RG butt guide has been designed with a unique titanium frame that perfectly positions the ring to tame line spirals coming off the spool instantaneously. 


Compact Running Guides

The RG Guide System calls for approximately twice as many running guides along the length of the blank as other layouts, and all of these running guides of the same compact size as the butt guide. Due to the guides’ proximity to one another, line shoots from one to the next as straight as possible to minimize air resistance, improve cast smoothness, and decrease the rate of tangles. With more contact between line and guides when retrieving lures and fighting fish, an unprecedented amount of power and sensitivity is extracted from the blank. 


Assist Guide

The last running guide from the tip, referred to as the “Assist Guide” in the RG Guide System, is always placed 4cm from the tip. We have determined this to be the optimal distance to prevent line from wrapping around the blank just before the tip guide, a frequent annoyance with other guide layouts that robs you of valuable time with a lure in the water. Now, even on windy days, you can concentrate on fishing knowing that line wrapping around the rod is a concern of the past with the RG Guide System.


RG Guide System - 5 Major Advantages

1. Cast farther than ever before

The RG Guide System allows for longer casting distances than ever before possible. The small diameter and exact placement of the small-diameter butt and running guides suppresses line spirals instantaneously, and the decreased distance between guides allows PE to shoot straight through the entire layout with absolutely minimal friction. This becomes especially apparent in adverse conditions, as this system greatly decreases resistance on the line due to strong winds and rain. 

2. Decreased PE line troubles

The RG Guide System also decreases PE line troubles dramatically. The frequent guide spacing and small ring diameter work in unison to suppress line oscillation so even the thinnest PE lines shoot straight. On top of that, the assist guide set 40mm from the tip virtually eliminates all line wrapping around the end of the rod.

3. Maximum rod power performance

Due to the frequent guide spacing along the blank, PE line very closely follows the natural curve of the rod when bent. As a result, more of the blank’s power can be accessed without “locking up,” which allows the angler to set the hook more resolutely and fight fish with higher drag pressures while preserving enough give in the rod to absorb surges that might otherwise pull hooks or even break the line.

4. Delicate & precise lure control

By minimizing slack line between running guides, the RG Guide System greatly improves delicacy and precision in lure control. Lures are now that much more responsive to the slightest rod movements so you, the angler, can impart more and more exact action to your lure with much less effort than before.

5. Exquisite sensitivity

For the same reason that lure control is improved, the strike detection and overall sensitivity permitted by the RG Guide System are second to none. The ultra light nature of the small, titanium-framed guides exclusively used in the RG Guide System also improve rod recovery speed and sensitivity.

RG Guide System MODELS