RG Guide System is...

A specialized setting for PE line
A sophisticated system which brings out full potential of spinning tackles

Characteristics of RG

Original butt guide with extra-small guide ring + narrow guide setting


Original butt guide
with extra-small guide ring

“Butt guide has to have a big guide ring”, it has been a general idea. However, ZENAQ have found out a small butt guide would increase casting ability when PE line is used as a main line. By understanding softness of PE line, ZENAQ original butt guide with a small guide ring like a top guide and high foot titanium frame is developed to suppress a line spiral from a spool in instant.

Narrow guide setting

About double number of guides are equipped on RG guide system by comparing with a guide setting before, and all guides are with a small guide ring. Due to setting these guides very close to each other, there is no more space for line to be flapped. No line flapping decreases air resistance during cast, makes very smooth cast feel, and decline line trouble. Moreover, there are more contact between a PE line and guides, which means it increase sensitivity dramatically.

Assist guide

The second guide is equipped 4cm from a top guide, called “Assist guide”. Line trouble in tip section happens very often and it can be one of the most annoying trouble in fishing. Assist guide has resolved this line trouble completely even in bad condition such as strong wind. It gets you higher and longer concentration into fishing, then you wouldn’t miss important moments.

RG Guide System - Surprise5

1. Cast farther than ever
RG guide system performs longer casting distance than ever. 
A unique butt guide with very small guide ring enables to suppress a line spiral in instant, 
and its narrow guide setting makes PE line runs straight between each guide with very small friction. 
Moreover, a real potential is brought out in a worse situation; 
it declines resistance from strong wind and rain. 

2. Decreased PE line trouble
RG guide system decreases PE line troubles dramatically. The narrow guide setting and small ring guides suppresses line flapping and make PE line runs straight. In addition, an assist guide which is set about 40mm below from a top guide resolves line troubles in a tip section.

3. A maximum rod power performance
RG guide system brings maximum performance out of a blank. 
This is because PE line runs on the same curve as a blank by its narrow guide setting, 
it directly conveys hooking power to fish without any loss. 
During a fight, a blank is able to keep its flexibility while giving fish necessary pressure; thus, 
line-break by sudden reaction of fish is highly prevented 
and you would never let fish runs away once it ate your lure. 

4. Delicate & superior lure control
RG guide system enable delicate and superior lure control. Since RG decreases line lag enormously, a lure responds to a rod as you wish to make lure moves with a minimum rod action. 

5. Increased exquisite sensitivity
Sensitivity is, of course, exquisitely improved. 
Narrow guide setting leads stimulation, not only from fish but also an action from lures and situation under the water, to your hand precisely. 

RG Guide System MODELS