FOKEETO Hiramasa RG is a special rod action for manipulating stickbaits (diving pencil), and it’s built for catching 20kg over yellowtail, Kingfish, and Tuna. FOKEETO Hiramasa RG's strong backbone and sharp casting ability makes controlling large plugs and fighting monster fish a cinch.
History(1997 Double-Nut Ring)

Guide Setting.

RG guide model is the ZENAQ flagship guide model. It’s a sophisticated guide system which brings out full potential of spinning tackles ultimately. It’s an essence of the best rod. RG guide model is for someone who pursue the best fishing rod. 

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FC80-4 Hiramasa RG

Length: 8'0" / Lure: 25-110g / PE Line: MAX#4

FC80-6 Hiramasa RG

Length: 8'0" / Lure: 45-140g / PE Line: MAX#6
On these models, we have changed many things according to the demands of today’s anglers. We have softened the tip section to increase flexibility to let stickbaits swim and perform its real action. Also, its well-balanced berry sections widen its casting weight from small to heavy plugs. This feature also allows anglers to use lighter lines to fight monster fish.
Moreover, both models equip RG guide system which has assisted the powerful blanks, allowing more use of the torque throughout the bend, equaling more fighting power. Finally, RG will resist any tangling while casting, that means you'll be spending more of your time on the water fishing and less of your time straightening out a mess.
Fish Photos

FC80-4 Hiramasa

FC80-6 Hiramasa



FOKEETO Hiramasa
Lure WT
Line WT
(PE #)
Grip length
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Reel seat size
(Fuji parts)
(A) (B) (C)
FC80-4 Hiramasa RG 8'0" Offset
181 40〜80

PE 2〜4

284 720 460 200 DPS-20
FC80-6 Hiramasa RG 8'0" Offset
181 60〜100 PE 3〜6 295 720 460 200 DPS-20

※GUIDE / All models use FUJI titanium frame and SIC ring guides. ※W-NUT RING(PAT)/ All models. ※RG-system is for PE-line use only.








FC80-4 Hiramasa

FC80-6 Hiramasa



Spinning model

  • Hexagonal front Grip
    Design Pattent No.1638907
    ZENAQ original front grip “Hexagonal grip” is designed to fit human hands. This Hexagonal grip, which can be held easily and tightly, gives anglers huge advantages in the field.
  • Tip section
    Fuji T-MNST12 ( All models )
  • Butt section
    Fuji T-LCSG20 ( All models )
  • Logo
    (FC80-6 Hiramasa RG)
  • Reel seat & W-nut ring ( PAT. )
    Fuji DPS20 ( All models )
  • Grip end
    Rubber cork & Logo ring ( All models )


Rod Curve