ASTRA is specialized rod for MEBARU (black rockfish). Because extra thin tip is made with carbon tubular top, it gives high sensitivity. [Aggressive rockfish game」is born.
History ( 2002 Aggressive Mebaru Game “ASTRA” )

Guide Variation.

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RG guide model is the ZENAQ flagship guide model.
It’s a sophisticated guide system which brings out full potential of spinning tackles ultimately.
It’s an essence of the best rod.
RG guide model is for someone who pursue the best fishing rod.
ZENAQ regular guide setting with FUJI titanium frame K guide.

The best guide setting is chosen for each model to perform true nature of rod blanks.




Length: 6'8" / Lure: 0.4-5g / PE Line: MAX#0.6
S68 has the most delicate tip, and it is all-round rod to cover several situations. Especially, it performs high ability when finesse rod is demanded.

S68 K-guide model


S76 Accura

Length: 7'6" / Lure: 0.4-5g / PE Line: MAX#0.6
This rod is the standard rod with great balance: rod length, belly which is smoothly bent from the top.

S76Accura K-guide model


S78 H

Length: 7'8" / Lure: 0.8-7g / PE Line: MAX#0.8
For big black rockfish more than 30cm. Even though S78 H has more power to get a big fish, cast feel, usability and sensitivity are also well balanced.

S78H K-guide model



Length: 8'3" / Lure: 0.8-7g / PE Line: MAX#0.8
Out of ASTRA series, S83 is the most powerful model. It enables to fully cast heavy jig head and aim far pin spots like structures or breaks to get big target. Its new handle design makes casting easier, and its length brings out blanks real power.

S83 K-guide model




Lure WT
Best Match
Line WT
Grip length
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Reel seat size
(Fuji parts)
(A) (B) (C)
Discontinued S68 (K/RG) 6'8" 2(spigot) 105 0.4〜5 2~6
(PE #0.2〜0.6)
101 295 210 40 VSS-16
Discontinued S76Accura (K/RG) 7'6" 2(spigot) 118 0.4〜5 2~6
(PE #0.2〜0.6)
107 305 210 35 VSS-16
Discontinued S78H (K/RG) 7'8" 2(spigot) 120 0.8〜7 2~8
(PE #0.2〜0.8)
116 385 290 35 VSS-16
Discontinued S83 (K/RG) 8'3" 2(spigot) 130 0.8〜7 2~8
(PE #0.2〜0.8)
134 395 310 40 VSS-16

* GUIDE / All models use FUJI titanium frame and SIC ring guides.
* RG-system is for PE-line use only.
* Lure weights include hooks.



S68 K-guide model
S76Accura K-guide model
S78H K-guide model
S83 K-guide model



Spinning model

  • Tip section ( K guide model )
    Fuji T-MNST5 ~ T-KTSG4.5 ( All models )
  • Butt section ( K guide model )
    Fuji T-KLSG25 ~ 12 ( All models )
  • Butt guide ( K guide model )
    Fuji T-KLSG25 ( All models )
  • Logo
    ( ASTRA S78H )
  • Reel seat
    Fuji VSS16 ( All models )
  • Original metal end cap
    Z Logo mark & Protect rubber ( All models )