Expedition EP55-14 Jigging

By Alban Choiner

Traveling has always been my hobby and a part of my work since 15 years. Since a few years, plane companies are getting more and more difficult with rod tubes: the price of a rod tube as an extra luggage is sometime as expensive as the plane ticket! This is why the ZENAQ Expedition takes all its sense: getting the best rods on earth able to fight big fishes in a minimum size.
I own 4 ZENAQ Fokeeto jigging rods: 2 spinning model FS53-12 and FS53-16 and 2 baitcast model FB53-12 and FB53-16. I love those rods, I fished all around the world with them and I cannot count how many big fishes I caught with their help… at least 15 fishes more than 100kg (tarpon, giant grouper, sharks…). Those rods are great weapon but still a problem to carry when you travel a lot. They are one piece and 5’3’’ long.
I was looking for a rod easier to move and really versatile. During a fishing trip, the length and weight of luggage is always a problem. This is why it’s complicated to bring all our one piece rods. The idea was to create a single jigging rod able to manage nearly every fishing situation: a rod able to jig in every ocean and able to fight big fishes while keeping comfort during jigging.

Three Characteristics of EP55-14 Jigging 


1st: 2-piece rod

The rod needed to be 2-piece rod to fit in a short tube or a long sport bag.

2nd: the perfect length

5’3’’ as the Fokeeto is very comfortable but can be sometime too short. When you travel, you never know how will be the boat, it could be perfect or it could be difficult for jigging: too high or a wide gunwale that do not allow being close to the water. In those cases, a rod a little bit longer as 5’5’’ can make a difference. The angler gets his line not to close from the boat during fishing and also at the end of the fight, when the fish try to go under the boat. As another advantage, 5’5’’ allow the rod blank to be more conical. That can keep a soft tip to play the jig but a very stiff butt section to stop a big fish.

3rd: the right power

As the goal is to bring only one jigging rod during a fishing trip, this rod need to be efficient in every situation. We tried different rod power. First prototype had the same power as the FS53-16. This was perfect to fight some big and powerful catch but it was a little bit too stiff to fish with 200/250g jigs. As 200/250g is the most used jig weight around the world, the rod really need to be perfect with those weight. But the same power as the FS53-12 would be good for 200g jigs but not powerful enough to stop a huge GT or a big dogtooth tuna. So we moved with another prototype that is a mix between FS53-12 and FS53-16: the EP55-14 was born. This new ‘’14’’ power allows anglers to adapt in any jigging situation: from 180g to 350g and to stop and be successful in front of all big fish.  

EP55-14B Jigging
EP55-14S Jigging

Result in the Field

I fished and test the prototype of the EP55-14 in a lot of places including 2 trips in Indonesia (Sulawesi), one trip in Rodrigues Island (Indian Ocean) and one trip North of Norway. I never had any problem with the rod and always finished as the winner in front of all kind of fish. Some fights were very strong, with heavy drag, the rod bent even more than reasonable and I can say that this Expedition rod is 100% reliable.
One of the best catch I had with this rod was a giant oilfish. We discovered with a friend from Bali an unbelievable place to fish for oilfish in the North of Sulawesi (Indonesia). We fished very deep at night around 200m. I caught many oilfish with the EP55-14, several were between 40 to 60kg and one reached the incredible weight of 73kg! Getting a 73kg fish from 200m deep is not a joke: your rod need to be perfect. This fish broke the actual 63kg world record from 10kg. But unfortunately, the scale was not certified (it was exact but certification does not exist in Sulawesi) and the world record was not possible to approved. Never how, pictures speak by themselves!
Easy to carry, efficient, indestructible: the Expedition EP55-14 Jigging is born… your new travel jigging weapon is now available.