PLAISIR ANSWER PA89 Technical Surfer

By Markos Vidalis

This is the fourth in number rod, I acquired from the Plaisir range and because of its “top water nature” I was hesitating in the start to get it. I still remember saying excuses to myself like: “Hey you can use top waters with PA 88 or PA 93, why you need this rod?” But when I got it in my hands, I knew how wrong I was before.
Let’s get things straight! The truth is that lure fishing is a very technical business, and even though in the past it was widely believed that the rod goes first and lures follow, nowadays the rod have to be modified for each lure type. Top water lures are a very big chapter in lure fishing, and maybe the one I love more. The magic on this fishing is that tons of adrenaline flow in our blood, even with a failed strike. This is because we always have the chance to see the attack. Splashes, jumps, follows, everything is visible, but in order to experience all these, you firstly must manage to give the best performance to your top water lure, and this is not something all rods can do. Trust me on this, fellow anglers. I can count hundreds of occasions that rods did the difference on some lures, and the rule is simple. There is not a lure that doesn’t work. There are rods that don’t work correct lures. So when top water fishing becomes a passion, you only have one choice! PA 89!

About PA 89

This rod is specialized for top water lures and there is no other rod that can be compared to it as a rod for top water lures. It has a very aggressive temper and a powerful character so it can handle even big predatory fish with easy. Actually it is designed to cast very far even “chubby” pencils, and set the treble on the attacking fish, even with the slightest touch. Remember that things on surface are much more difficult in hook up. The lure is almost on the air, the line is never tensed and the attacking fish very often miss the target. So the fast nature of this rod, doesn’t waste a chance to set the hook properly on the fish. And if the attacker is a fierce fighter like a big bluefish or an angry bonito, no problem. Technical Surfer has the strength to mess with big challenges and gives you the feeling that you have the control, as long as the fight goes on!


PA 89 is 2.67m long and weights as low as 149gr, making it one of the power rods in PLAISIR ANSWER range. But it combines power and gentleness in such a great balance so it can perform “walk the dog” action as easy as never before. The lures that this rod will use excellent and give a unique feeling to the owner, are pencils, poppers and skippers. Even though the suggestion of ZENAQ for the use of 10-28gr, in my hands the rod showed excellent performance with top water lures even as high as 35gr, using them without a single strength hang up, or speed loss.
The fish I had the chance to get so far with it are sea bass, barracudas, leerfish and bluefish. Especially in bluefish fishing, I used it constantly, and I got even huge ones very easy. If combined with a 3000 reel, this rod can deal with any challenge! Now about minnows, if you need to cast some, Pa 89 don’t have any argue with that. It will cast very far minnows as high as 30gr, and twitch them like charm but it is not suggested for silicon lures. It can be used from boat, beach, port or river mouths and in severe weather conditions if needed. Plaisir Answer 89 Technical Surfer has the whole package when top water game becomes an obsession, and once an angler acquires it, you can expect only the best top water performance!