By Markos Vidalis


“Cast Master”! Nothing could describe better this rods amazing ability to cast very far any type of lure you intend to use with minimum effort! A very versatile rod that can be used quite effective from rocks, ports and beaches and able to use with equal effectiveness a wide range of different lure types!
It is normally designed for big sea bass fishing and has a very powerful character, capable of subduing other aggressive predators. I normally use it for sea bass, big barracudas and bluefish and it is the main rod I use from beaches and ports. A rod that has never failed me. 

About PA 93

The bigger challenge I encounter with “Cast master” was a big bonito over 5kg that attacked my lure, while I was in the search of big barracudas. Bonito is a pelagic species and with lots of power and duration during fight. Bonitos are a famous Game fish, so imagine it on a sea bass rod. Well, I have to admit that I never felt vulnerable to its power and during the fight, Cast Master were keeping asking for more pressure. Finally the bonito succumbed and when I tried after to break my knots, they were as good as new and this means that the rod did excellent work, absorbing all the instant power of the running fish. In general this rod is ideal of dealing with fish from one to much more than 5 kilos and will show excellent balance of curving. No matter what you will do, it will always have hidden power to expose when needed. This does not only allow you to deal with any type of fish, but to be able to control it, if of course you have an adequate high end reel! 


About the use of lures, I will mention firstly something very important, that in many cases confuses anglers and keeping them away from buying it. This is the Casting weight or lure weight if you prefer. ZENAQ does mention as minimum 10gr and a max of 25gr, having a best of 12-22gr. This is quite correct but personally I use this rod many times with much heavier lures as high as 32gr with no trouble at all. Actually the rod does not “hang” and do cast them like bullets very far, and uses them like charm! The range of lures someone can use exceptionally easy, are minnows, small poppers, small jigs, spoons, and can also use some bigger silicone lures as well . Especially in minnows this rod “rocks” and can twitch them well, giving the “kick” we want! The very sensitive tip, gives us the exact idea on what is happening to our lure and even if a small weed is grabbed by a treble hook, you will know it for sure.
Something else you will love with this rod is the hooking setup it provides. Even if you are not aware and get surprised by a sudden strike, the rod does hook up very effective! Actually if there could be another name for this rod, that would be “The hook up master”! Going more inside the rod, ZENAQ for once again, showed a very unique curving action that is sensitive in the beginning, but as you go down, the rod becomes so powerful that contrast its very light weight! This allows the angler to be always in contact with the fish during fight and have the confidence that the “Cast master” makes him a truly ocean master! ZENAQ PA93 Cast Master would be described as a main rod that will fit in most of the situations and places! Last but not least, the rod like all ZENAQ Rods comes without fancy decors, giving you a light imposing rod, ready to take any challenge.