By Markos Vidalis

96HH K-guide model


A truly power blast!

In my fishing adventures I encountered many savage fish in a wide variety of hostile environments. I defeat many of them by experience and luck, on some very rocky bottom substrates, but as I strongly believe, luck has no place on shore jigging fishing. As you can imagine, many of them got the upper hand and defeat me, so I needed to replace the “luck” factor with a rod that has the whole package for tough situations. A rod with the ability to use and let my jig dance correctly, while having enough power at the same time to hook hard and lift a wild fish from the dangerous sea ground. The solution came with the DEFI Muthos 96HH.


Like all 9’6” models of MUTHOS, it is an asymmetric rod (the two pieces are not of equal length) with a very unique action. The tip has the sensitivity needed to give an excellent move to your jig, and the one third of the rod, works excellent while jigging. The amazing part is that once you hook a big fish, 96 HH transforms to a very stiff tool with the other 2/3 of its blank showing impressive strength that manages to instantly stop and lift big snappers and groupers away from the cutting rocks of their dangerous environment. Fish like Snappers, groupers and of course Amberjacks are well known to use rocks to break the line, so fishing those species in hard environments is a game for the few. 96HH is a tool, and as I usually say, it is my “machine gun” that will hook even the strongest jaw bone with easy.


The asymmetric structure of it makes it work like a “one piece” rod, and never made me feel I reached its limits. Actually no matter what the size of the fish was, no matter how tight my drags were, the rod was keep asking me more and more. 96HH has an untamed nature, that once you will understand and master, you will be able to use jigs from 70 to 160gr perfectly. The minimum jig weight is 50gr and the maximum 210gr, while my personal preferences are jigs from 70 to 140. I know it sounds peculiar but yes, this rod allows you to use jigs as heavy as 150gr or more with minimum effort and the rod does not over bend. That means it still have enough power to hook effectively an attacking fish. The rod is equipped with Fuji titanium K guides and the risk of PE line tangle is eliminated. The rods weight is 365gr, with a length of almost 2.93m long. The casting ability of 96HH model is truly awesome! Even against strong wind the rod manage to cast really far, and someone may expect to reach a 100m and more distance with a jig of 80gr with not much effort. Some of the things I really love with 96HH are the relatively thin blank that has extraordinary power, the thick blank walls that gives you a trust feeling, the great use of braids from PE 3 to PE 5 without significant loss in feeling of the jig and casting distance, and the very unique character of its curving action. Sensitive when needed and stiff when hard game arises.
Closing my thoughts and impressions of a rod that I use for more than two years now, I have to mention that once you learn its true possibilities, it will offer you short fights with you always being the winner. 96HH is a rod that target pelagic or bottom fish from 5 to more than 20kg in weight, and created to get the job done, and no matter what the occasion is, to guarantee you that it can handle it all!