MUTHOS  Accura 100H

By Markos Vidalis

Accura 100H RG model
Accura 100H K-guide model

It’s been quite a long time since I got this rod in my hands and I have to confess that it became from the very first time, my basic model! As many of you have seen, I like mostly rocky situations and on these environments, you really need a rod you can trust 100%. My main targets are fish that will take even the slightest chance to defeat you, by running to the rocks and break the leader! Fish like big groupers, monstrous snappers and formidable amberjacks will leave not a single chance go wasted in order to be free again. MUTHOS  Accura 100H is a very versatile rod and a very basic one for those who need power and strength! It is not a rod for fooling around and definitely not a rod to enjoy fish smaller than 2-3 kilos. MUTHOS  Accura 100H is designed to pull and control big fish, as well as to be able to use a wide range of jigs and lures. You have to understand that even if it is referred as H model, in the ACCURA range H is equal to HH in normal MUTHOS range! So if someone acquires it, he will understand and feel immediately that it is a very strong rod, made for serious fishing!


Action and behavior
With jigs

MUTHOS  Accura100H is a fast action rod! That means that the angler must adapt his technique according to the aggressive character of the rod. When I used MUTHOS  Accura 100H after a very long time of using MUTHOS  96HH that is a moderate action rod, I had trouble to get strikes for a couple of days. In the end I figured out that this fast action rod, needs much less angle of movement in order to give proper action to the jig! The respond of the jig is very high so even with jerks of the half width, the jig reacts perfectly even in deeper waters! Being so responsive to the jig, without being stiff as a wood, Accura 100H can become extremely technical and help the angler understand and extract all the qualities of each jig. With a rod like this, it is easy to use blade jigs as well as shorter or even slow jigging models! MUTHOS  Accura 100H is the gate to a completely new world of shore jigging style! For me works perfectly with jigs from 70gr up to 150gr and to depths from 15m up to 50m. The kick of the rods return is so powerful that actually set the hooks by itself and with minimum effort from us! The same goes for the casting distance! MUTHOS  Accura 100H has an outstanding casting performance that will surprise the angler! With minimum effort, the rod performs an explosive casting that reaches lengths of 100m easily with jigs of 100gr. 


 With lures

MUTHOS  Accura 100H has been designed with the modern style of shore fishing and is able to use perfectly jigs and lures! The fast action of the rod, allows the angler to use a very wide variety of lures, including big minnows, sinking pencils, top waters and softbaits. Casting a popper or a jighead with a silicon lure is more enjoyable than ever and the rod transfers in real time all the details from the lure to the angler’s hand.

MUTHOS  Accura 100H and the true purpose.

This rod is made for controlling big fish! That makes it ideal for targeting fish that live near the bottom and are able to break the leader on the rocks! With a pre set in the drags of 5-7kg, this rod is a monster slayer and gives the angler all the qualities he needs, like raw power, ultimate casting ability and confidence! About pelagic ones, MUTHOS  Accura 100H is a tool! It will manage to stop even a 5-10kg amberjack from running, and will force bigger ones to succumb to its power in a matter of minutes! Capable of dealing with big tunas also, is the rod for the one that dares! I have lifted fish of more than 6 kilos on the rocks without a guff and even if I do not recommend you to do the same, I have seen and respected the power of this rod!  When you dream of the big one and you need a rod to master it, then this is the rod for you! A rod to respect!