MUTHOS The Out Range93

By Markos Vidalis

The revelation of a hidden beast inside a light SJ rod

Even though it is not my first ZENAQ shore jigging model I ever used, it has become one of my favorites in so little time!
Until I got it, I was using mostly The Mid Game 96 Power and MUTHOS 96HH, models that are for harder situations, but The Out Range came along to fill a “blind spot” to my shore jigging rod collection. The need to use smaller jigs when the weather allow it and focus mainly on surface predators like albacores, and bonitos as long as medium sized amberjacks pushed me to acquire it. So as you can imagine my main idea was to hunt down predatory fish of 1 to 4 kilos that the other “harder” models was dealing with them very easy, reducing the joy of the fight! How wrong I was…

One cloudy day I was after bonitos of two kilos on a very rocky place. Fish was not there at that day because of the presence of dolphins and seals, so I decided to use my jigs lower and near the bottom hoping for a passing amberjack. Suddenly a very violent strike shook my rod and the Saltiga 3500 started to scream. In the beginning I thought it was a great amberjack, but the reactions of the fish were not the familiar ones. My braid was P.E. 1.2 and the FC leader 0.43mm so I considered I already lost in this fight. While I was trying to deal with the big fish, The Out Range 93 was showing amazing response and unique curving to a limit, protecting the line but still powerful enough to control the monster fish! I felt my leader hitting the rocks twice but didn’t break. Soon the beast was on the surface exhausted and I got down and put it in the net. A huge snapper of the genus Dentex almost 9 kilos showed me that this rod is NOT to play with! This is my “life’s” catch for two reasons. The size and the light gear that I fight and beat it on a very hard environment! Despite it’s a light class rod, The Out Range is designed to overpower amazingly large predators while treating them in a very balanced way of power and gentleness. The Snapper was hooked on the lips and my FC leader was damaged enough by the rocks but the rod balanced curve and the drags of the Saltiga, saved the fight. Now let’s take a look on this magnificent rod and let me explain you it’s true nature.

The power within

Designed exclusively for the use of metal jigs, this 9.3 feet (2.84m) rod has a very aggressive attitude and cast jigs like bullets! But it does not end there, because its fast and powerful draw action manages to hit them well even in deeper waters or far distances. The jig weight ability of The Out Range 93 is generally 14 to 60gr with best match 20-40gr, but I have to confess that I mostly use it on the limits and mainly with 40 to 60gr jigs without any problem. I have managed to take advantage of the rods length and fast character to use other types of lures like pencils, poppers of reasonable size, vibrating lures, spoons, and also with great success, sinking lipless plugs up to 50gr! Anything that can be used with twitching or jigging and is inside the rods lure weight ability can find a great use! Since it is a shore jigging rod, the use of lures with lips (minnows) is not the best choice because it is too “steely” to allow you to feel the lures action!
The biggest advantage of The Out Range 93 is that you can jig with it all day and never complain that you got tired! With a weight as less as 220gr, and the combination of its reduced length makes the jigging movement very easy without stressing the arm. Actually it needs so less effort that you can really fish many hours without any problem. It is also a very “user friendly” rod, because its action gives excellent move to the jig so it is only a matter of time to make your dream reality with your life’s catch! The rod is equipped with FUJI K guides or ZENAQ original RG Guide System both with Titanium and SiC ring, and Fuji DPS-18 reel seat with EVA grips for unmatchable feeling! This rod closed is 142cm, a feature that makes it very easy to carry. MUTHOS  The Out Range 93 can be used with many spinning reels but because it is a high end rod, it is advised to be matched with an adequate reel so you can have the best result!

As a conclusion, this rod is a light shore jigging rod that you can go fishing without concerning if you got in trouble with a monster fish because you will simply win the fight. Also, it lets you fish as long as you want, and use a variety of lures with metal jigs being the most appropriate ones. The rods action gives an amazing life like effect on the jigs and extracts the best action out of them with minimum effort of the angler! Once you get used to this rod and learn to use it well, you can master great predators where other rods of the same class fail! Light, speed, power and gentleness describe a rod made for the few!