MUTHOS  The Out Range 105

By Markos Vidalis

The Out Range 105 RG model
So far I have made some reviews about some very powerful shore jigging models of ZENAQ, where I keep saying “this rod is not for fooling around” or “this rod is not for playing”! But when it comes to MUTHOS The Out Range 105 then it is definitely a rod for enjoy the fight and fool around with any type of fish! Though it is not a choice to go to the rocks and try to pull savage fish from the bottom, it is my favorite rod when it comes to pelagic tuna species like bonitos and false albacores. I actually have given it the nickname “the singer” because every catch is under the sweet voice of the drags! But is this all? For sure not! MUTHOS The Out Range 105 is a very simple rod with a very complicated character! Let’s take a closer look!


The “gentle killer”

I could not find a more suitable phrase to describe more perfectly this amazing rod! MUTHOS The Out Range 105 has an alternative way of overpowering strong fish! It has an amazingly progressive tense which it works like “venom”. The stronger the fish reacts, the faster it gets tired and eventually comes almost dead at landing. MUTHOS The Out Range 105 in a first glance looks like a very moderate rod. But in reality is a medium – fast rod, capable of giving amazing casting ability due to its special character and of course the long length! As in all models, ZENAQ has kept a great reserve of power at the end of the blank so the angler can apply pressure if needed, but in general the blank is designed to defeat strong runners even with light tackle!


 Best of MUTHOS  The Out Range 105

When you really want to enjoy a fight, then this is the rod to get! Very easy to cast far and very easy to use, makes it ideal for the angler that loves smaller jigs. It is a rod to use all day, and  an ideal rod for bonitos, albacores, falce albacores, blue runners, bullet tunies, dorados and other pelagic fish that will not try to break the line on the rocks. If given the chance, that slender looking rod can and will defeat pelagic species up to 15 kilos and even more! It is truly impressive, how much the rod’s progressive action protects the knots and the leader from breaking. I love to use it mostly with jigs of 30 to 60gr, inchiku of 30-50gr and even tai rubber jigs of 20-40gr. Personally what is fascinating me more about this rod, is the relaxing style I jig with it, the enjoying of fight and the amazing distance I can reach with such light jigs. As a conclusion, Muthos Out Range 105 is a rod for the fast runners of the sea. Capable of tiring even big ones, it will give strong pumps of pure adrenaline to the angler, without making him sweat! Best used with 4000 Daiwa or 6000 shimano reels with a PE # 2.0 braid.