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MUTHOS Accura Type R

Type R

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What is Type R ?

“RACING” concept to always stay on the cutting edge.
ZENAQ breaks down stereotypes and constantly challenges ourselves.
The Type R inherits this spirit.
Experience its outstanding performance in the field.

The Type R inherits the RACING spirit.

MUTHOS Accura 100H Type R

Length: 10'0" / Lure: 30-200g(Jig) 30-120g(Plug) / PE Line: MAX 5

MUTHOS Accura 100HH Type R

Length: 10'0" / Lure: 60-230g(Jig) 40-150g(Plug) / PE Line: MAX 6



  • Feature.01
    Hexagon reel seat
    Newly developed ZENAQ original reel seat (PAT.P)

    The high strength, long fiber carbon of Toray Industry's TORAYCA® is composited with a special molding machine to form a sturdy framework. Even large reels will be held firmly without wobbling.


    The surface of the framework is covered with a special rubber to create a new feeling of comfort in the hands. Rod action is easy with no need for unnecessary force.

  • Advantage.03
    Like the hexagon grip, the reel seat is also hexagon shaped to suppress left and right reel rattling, and transmit power without loss. This can conserve hand strength, which is the first to wear out, and increase the probability of catching a big fish.

    A rubber cushion has been devised for the area where the reel foot rests. This prevents the reel from loosening even if it's not strongly tightened, and prevents the reel from rattling even in hard fishing. Rod and reel are perfectly integrated.

    << About reels that can be used >>
    The Hexagon reel seat can be used with the current models made by Daiwa and Shimano.
    We have not tested the operation of foreign brand reels, so we cannot guarantee that the reel seat or reel will be damaged. (This is due to the size and shape of the reel foot.)
    Also, even with Daiwa and Shimano reels, if the reel foot is not firmly inserted, the reel seat and reel foot may be damaged.
  • Comments from MUTHOS Accura RACING users.

    ・ The reel seat is very stable without any left/right shake when reeling. I used to hold the Hexagon front grip, but I feel holding the reel seat makes even easier rod handling.

    ・ The rod and reel fit as if they were completely integrated.

    ・ The reel does not come loose and is firmly fixed to the reel, so casting is tight.

    ・ I felt less loss of grip strength after 10 hours of casting compared to the conventional reel seat.

    ・ The conventional reel seat makes me to tighten the reel seat during a fight because it loosens, but this new reel seat did not loosen at all during all day of fishing. I wish this reel seat would be applied to all series of rods.

    ・ The reel seat is very effective in reducing the burden of dealing with large fish and continuing to casting. It is especially effective in holding and stabilizing the recoil of the rod that occurs when casting.

    ・ It is very easy to grip when manipulating lures. the rubber’s softness helps to keep your fingers in place.

    ・ The first time I used it, I wasn't sure how much to tighten it, but it didn't loosen at all even if I didn't tighten it so strong.

    ・ The rubber material is effective even in rainy weather and does not slip.

  • Feature.02
    Single wrapped guides
    Creates a feeling closer to an original blank design

    Single wrapped guides do not interfere with rod action and allow for a feeling closer to the original blank design.
    They aim for sharp rod action and a sharp swinging feeling.

  • Comments from MUTHOS Accura RACING users.

    ・ The first impression was that the RACING was so light and sharp as if it was a different blank.

    ・ The single wrapping and RG combination also increases the sensitivity, and I felt that they were a good match for each other. Naturally, the rod is sharp and has a good feel on powerful casting.

    ・ The single wrapping has further improved the unique feeling of the RG guide, which allows the line to pass through the guide comfortably.

    ・ The rod's shake is very small. The single wrapping and the Hexagon reel seat make this rod completely different from other conventional rods.

    ・ The rod's smooth line release is unparalleled by any rods from other brands. The tip of the rod is lighter than the conventional model, and the feeling of swinging the rod is excellent.

    ・ I didn't expect the feeling differs so much. It seems as if the blank has been refined.

  • Feature.03
    RG Guide System
    Drawing out the fullest performance of Spinning rod
    ZENAQ original guide system brings out the fullest potential of spinning rods. It resolves the downsides of using PE line, and maximizes its benefits.
    The single wrapping evolves the RG even superior.
  • Comments from MUTHOS Accura RACING users.

    ・ The first thing that surprised me was the way the line felt comfortable going through the guides after casting. I was so impressed like “wow so this is the RG guide system”.

    ・ Thanks to the RG guide system, I felt it minimizes the flutter of line release on casting.

    ・ The RG doesn’t make any noise or unnecessary vibration when the line goes through the guides, while other conventional rods do. I felt that the line release is well-converged.

    ・ I used PE 2.5 with 50lb shockleader about 4.5m long in a crosswind of 7m, and I didn’t experience even a single line tangle.

    ・ There was no line trouble at all. The lure flew very well.

  • Feature.04
    Hexagon Grip
    Reduces burden on anglers drastically
    The irregular hexagonal front grip allows for secure yet easy lure manipulation, fighting, and use of the rod.
    ZENAQ's original grips are now indispensable for big game.
  • Feature.05
    Type R Original Metal Ring
    Symbol of the Type R
    Symbolic Type R original metal parts with the engraved Type R logo.
  • Feature.06
    MUTHOS Logo
    Gun-Metallic Thread and Silk Printed Logo
    Gun metallic thread design reminiscent of MUTHOS RACING.
  • Feature.07
    Easy-Hold Endgrip
    Exceptional Feeling for Perfect Casts
    Original end grip with careful attention to rubber hardness and surface finish.
    Combination of metal parts reduces unnecessary grip area for smooth casting.
    The functional beauty is the result of careful consideration of a casting rod that is cast repeatedly for a long time.
  • Comments from MUTHOS Accura RACING users.

    ・ The grip end is very easy to hold and cast smoothly, and I could feel the benefits after repeatedly casting for long periods of time.

    ・ It fits in my hand, so I can cast even heavy lures with a light grip pressure and feel less fatigue even after casting all day.

    ・ The shape of the grip is not too big, so there is less stress in my hand, and casting accuracy improves as well.

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