/ Gigantic game rod

A PE line rod that lets you experience
the thrill of Gigantic game

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Length (ft)Lure WT
Max (g)
Line WT (PE)
PA-B67 SOPMOD EBR6’ 7”40 ~ 300PE 4 ~ 10
PA-B80 SOPMOD8’ 0”15 ~ 100PE 3 ~ 5


A PE line rod that lets you experience

the thrill of landing fish with big and giant bait




Big bait has become an essential method in contemporary lure fishing, and now we are seeing even more potential with the new concept of “giant bait.” It is impossible to measure the joy felt when landing a difficult catch. There are lots of stiff rods made for casting heavy lures, but few that are also flexible enough for achieving ideal lure action and keeping the fish on your line. We hope you will experience this special rod born from ZENAQ’s technologies and the know-how of experienced anglers.





  • Specialized Giant Bait Control Rod


    • Assist guide

    • Extra hard EVA grip

    • Length: 6' 7" / Lure: 40 ~ 300g / PE Line: 4 ~ 10
      Reel size: 250~400
    The lure weights range from 40g to 300g, with an incredible range of use that transcends preconceptions.
    Both hard and flexible. This flexibility increases ease of casting, ease of lure control, and catch rate, and decreases the physical burden on your body.
    Giant bait game fishing done with PE line stresses both your tackle and your body in ways you wouldn’t see under normal circumstances. We conducted thorough research into these diverse practical problems. This rod was the answer we found after our extensive testing.
  • Specialized PE Line x Big Bait Rod


    • Assist guie

    • Spiral guide setting

    • Extra hard EVA grip

    • Length: 8’0” / Lure: 15-100g / PE Line: MAX 5
      Reel size: 150~300
    The most important feature of this rod is the flexible bending blank, which is built to handle big bait using PE line with its small amount of flex.
    Conventional big bait rods do not offer flexibility, but by giving this rod flexibility, this rod allows anglers to cast large lures long distances with ease, and control high-resistance lures as they please.
    It can also flexibly absorb changes in pressure that arise when going back and forth with a fish on the hook, allowing you to keep it hooked and improve catch rate.
    We designed its length, handle, and guide settings from scratch to meet the specific needs of big bait fishing.