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MUTHOS Accura 95H

Accura 95H

Big Evolution with the DBL Structure
Redefining the Norm with the Accura 95H










[[ Big Evolution with the DBL Structure ]]
Since its launch in 2014, the MUTHOS Accura has pioneered a whole new style of rock shore fishing.
It has been refined over 10 years in rock shore fields around the world.

The latest model, the MUTHOS Accura 95H, is the culmination of our accumulated know-how with our evolutionary DBL Structure.
More than just a short version, this is the next generation rod that combines the qualities of the Accura H and Accura HH classes.

We have 2 models on each MUTHOS Accura 95H / 100H / 100HH.

MUTHOS Accura 95H Type R

Length: 9’ 5” / Lure weight: Jig 30~230g  Plug 30~180g / Line: PE 2~6

MUTHOS Accura 95H Ocean

Length: 9’ 5” / Lure weight: Jig 30~230g  Plug 30~180g / Line: PE 2~6



  • More Than Just a Short Version at 9’5”
    The Accura 95H addresses the inherent limitations of short rods, such as casting distance and the challenge of manipulating a lure close to shore, with its innovative Magic Tip, rugged butt section and the middle section that connects the two.
    It also takes advantage of its shorter length to deliver sharper casts, allow for more technical lure maneuverability, improved fight control and reduced physical strain.
    The result is a versatile rod that excels at casting a wide range of lures, making it a "rod with no blind spots".
  • Why the Accura 95H can cast the ultra-wide lure range?
    What is the secret of being able to fully cast in the wide range of 30g to 230g?
    To cast lightweight lures, "a mere soft tip " is not enough to achieve sufficient casting distance and direction.
    Flexible and powerful strength from the middle to the butt section is necessary.
    When a baseball player throws a ball, neither ball speed nor direction can be obtained only by swinging the arm.
    What is needed is "strength of the lower body and upper body.” Lure casting also requires suppleness and resilience from the middle to the butt to stabilize distance and direction.
    The Accura 95H is designed with Zenaq's new "DBL Structure" technology that bends according to the load in order to cast lures from 30g to 230g stably.
    How the Accura 95H performs superior fighting control?
    One of the outstanding features of the MUTHOS Accura 95H is its butt section, which achieves high torque while maintaining flexibility.
    Developed through the DBL structure, this butt section offers unparalleled power and torque, allowing for superior fighting control that can utilize high drag and extra pump to lift fish.
    This design delivers powerful action while reducing physical stress, offering a new level of control when fighting against your catch.
  • Tip and Middle Section
    The Magic Tip has evolved to the point where it can efficiently cast and control lightweight lures as light as 30g.
    It is designed to maximize the movement of any kinds of plugs such as stickbaits, minnows, and poppers, even in rough seas.
    Additionally, it improves hook penetration and reduces the likelihood of hook out, increasing the chance of landing your catch.
    The middle section plays a key role in combining the soft tip suitable for 30g lures with the fighting capabilities of HH class rods.
    The challenge in designing power short rods lies in the shorter lengths of the tip, middle and butt sections compared to long rods.
    This requires advanced engineering to ensure that each section performs its role seamlessly when all are connected.
    The Accura 95H overcomes this challenge with a unique middle section, developed from our extensive experience with the Accura and Sonio, that is both delicate and robust as needed.
    Improvements in Plugs and Jig Maneuverability
    It has a blank action that can manipulate all types of lures at a very high level, including stickbaits, minnows, and poppers.
    Not only has plugging been greatly improved, but jigging has been dramatically improved as well.
    The benefits of short length and increased butt power allow for sharper jigging actions with less effort.
    Even jigs over 200g can be lifted by the rod's rebound, creating multiple levels of jigging actions.
    The reduced physical strain also allows for continuous jigging throughout the day, allowing anglers to maintain focus for longer periods of time.
    A truly powerful tool for anglers who primarily use jigging in their fishing game.
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