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An innovative jigging rod
for a new era




Extremely high elasticity with outstanding durability

High-elastic rods are also highly breakable
High elasticity makes a rod extremely breakable. Lately there are many high-elastic rods designed for lure control, but their poor durability means they do not provide the peace of mind you need when fighting to land a fish. The true purpose of a rod is to provide perfect lure control and bend in a supple manner to follow the movements of the fish you are fighting. In addition, the butt must be extremely bendy so it can lift up the fish.

We began developing a blank to resolve this inescapable issue. The IKARI Blank—offering high levels of both elasticity and durability—is the answer we discovered after many long years by exploring various production techniques and material combinations.

What is an “IKARI Blank”?

IKARI blanks consist of a “Carbon x Carbon” structure—inside the hollow elastic carbon tube of the blank, there is a solid carbon core. This design dispels the notion that high elasticity correlates to low strength and durability. Such a structure allows for the IKARI blank to be ultra-sensitive and extremely durable but still have the fast recovery that jigging anglers seek.

PAT. No.7061787

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    Phenomenal Strength
    The IKARI’s carbon core is responsible for its high breaking strength. When compared to comparable tubular jigging blanks, the IKARI has been tested to be 160% stronger. Tubular blanks are intrinsically weaker because their cross-sectional shapes compress into ellipses as they bend. As blank load increases, this shape continues to flatten until the carbon reaches its elastic limit and snaps. The IKARI’s carbon core provides incredible overall rigidity and hoop strength that prevents cross-sectional deformation and resultant failure.
    Overwhelmingly Fast Recovery
    Recovery rate refers to the time it takes a fully loaded blank to return to its unloaded position. The IKARI’s carbon core increases its recovery rate, which has proven to exceed that of tubular blanks. While normal tubular blanks can only store elastic potential energy in their thin walls, the IKARI blanks store energy in both their carbon cores and highly-elastic outer carbon shells. With potential energy stored in two zones throughout the blank, the blank’s recovery rate is remarkably increased.
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    Super responsive to breathe life into your jigs
    We adopted a carbon core all the way to the tip for quick rod motion and lure control. The strong, thin IKARI Blank embodies our ideals for optimum rod action. It’s highly durable and carefully designed for optimum strength, responsiveness, and flexibility.
    Great Lifting Power
    With the IKARI’s carbon core, you have much greater lifting power than ever before. By repeatedly pumping with the rod and reeling up the line gained, you can exert a greater force on the fish. The IKARI blank helps you land larger fish faster while minimizing your strain and fatigue, as the rod absorbs the majority of the load.
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    The IKARI blank’s solid carbon core relays much more feedback to you through the rod than hollow blanks could. This sensitivity allows you to feel everything from your jig hitting bottom and the jig’s action to water currents and even light takes from fish. A rod this sensitive provides you, the angler, with a massive advantage, for now you can feel everything your jig does and fine-tune your presentations to specific microenvironments to catch more fish. Compared to the jigging rods of yesteryear, the difference is as stark as turning on the lights in a pitch-black room.