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RG Guide System


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What is “RG Guide System”?


〔 PE line 〕 × 〔 RG Guide System 〕
Drawing out max performance of Spinning rod.

ZENAQ original guide system brings out the fullest potential of spinning rods.
It fully resolves the downsides of using PE line and maximizes its benefits with pefect cast feel and sensitivity, as well as decreased line trouble.
In 2007, The RG Guide System was born as a new guide setting concept with its innovative form and excellent performance, and it continues to evolve.



High Foot & Small Caliber Butt Guide x Narrow Setting

  • High Foot & Small Caliber Butt Guide
    With an intimate understanding of the characteristics of PE line, Zenaq’s RG butt guide has been chosen with a high foot frame that perfectly positions the ring to tame line spirals coming off the spool instantaneously.
  • Narrow Guide Setting
    The RG guide system calls for approximately twice as many running guides. Due to the guides’ proximity to one another, line shoots from one to the next as straight as possible to minimize air resistance, improve cast smoothness, and decrease the rate of tangles. The narrow setting brings many more advantages to anglers.
  • Assist Guide
    The “Assist Guide” is placed close to the top guide, and it prevents line from wrapping around the tip perfectly. Even on windy days, you can concentrate on fishing without having line trouble.

5 Major Advantages


  • 1. Perfect Cast Feel
    The small caliber butt guide suppresses line spirals instantaneously, and and the narrow setting allows PE to shoot straight through the entire guides with absolutely minimal friction.
    This system greatly decreases resistance on the line due to strong winds and rain.
    Experience the RG's perfect cast feel that we are proud of.
  • 2. Intuitive Lure Action
    By minimizing line slackness, the RG guide system greatly improves delicacy and precision in lure control.
    Lures are now that much more responsive to the slightest rod movements so you, the angler, can impart more and more exact action to your lure with much less effort than before.
  • 3. Greater Sensitivity
    The narrow setting means that there are many guides on the rod, and those many guides serve as many sensors.
    It brings better information from underwater like movement of fish and a lure, and even tides.
    The RG’s greater sensitivity is second to one.
  • 4. Power and Suppleness
    Due to the narrow setting, PE line very closely follows the natural curve of the rod when bent.
    As a result, more of the blank’s power can be accessed, which allows the angler to set the hook more resolutely and fight fish with proper pressures while absorbing surges that even break the line.
  • 5. Decreased PE line trouble
    The RG guide system decreases PE line troubles dramatically.
    The frequent guide spacing and small ring diameter work in unison to suppress line oscillation even the thinnest PE lines.
    On top of that, the assist guide set 4at the very tip virtually eliminates all line wrapping around the tip.