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Athlete Cap

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ZENAQ original hi-spec mesh cap with [COOLVITAL fabric].
COOLVITAL fabric has been specially formulated to quickly lower its temperature by absorbing and RAPIDLY evaporating water. It never loses its cooling properties, so you can use it to cool down as many times as needed to prevent heatstroke and help you keep your cool so you can bring the heat.

For all seasons

BlackFree(approx. 57〜59cm)
WhiteFree(approx. 57〜59cm)



Function [ COOLVITAL Fabric ]
The COOLVITAL fabric has been designed to cool its temperature by absorbing and evaporating water—just wet the cap and squeeze out the excess to cool down and avoid heatstroke.

Function [ Aerodynamic Visor ]
The durable polyethylene visor features strategically-located vents through which air can flow to help keep the cap from getting blown off your head by strong gusts.

Just 2 Easy Steps to Activate COOL
Step 1: Wet the parts of that cap that touch your head (head circumference and forehead)
Step 2: Swing the cap and squeeze out the excess water. The COOLVITAL fabric will then immediately start cooling down

Material: 100% Polyester
Color: Black / White
Size: One size fits all! (approx. 57-59cm)
Logo: Front (3D embroidery), Side & Back (embroidery)