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/ Offshore casting

An offshore casting rod of
exceptional quality and distance

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ModelLength (ft)Lure WT
Max (g)
Lure WT
Best Match (g)
Line WT (PE)
NEW TC77 TUNA - Monster Buster7’7”80~230100~180No Limit
TC80-50G8’0”~8030~70PE 3~4
TC80-80G8’0”~11050〜90PE 3~6
TC84-100G8’4”~15060~110PE 4~8
TC86-110G8’6”~16070〜120PE 4~8
TC83-150G8’3”~18090〜160PE 5~8
TC80-200G8’0”~230120〜210PE 6~10
Limited Edition  Tobizo TC77 TUNA – Monster Buster
Casting rod for 200kg+ monster Tuna

The monster rod solely designed for capturing tunas over 200kg. “Project Monster Buster” was started based on this concept, and after many years of trial and error, this monster rod has been completed.
Monster Buster Special Site

An offshore casting rod of
exceptional quality and distance


This series boasts the highest level of performance in terms of all elements: distance, power, and action. It fully incorporates the expertise we have developed over the past 20 years since releasing our first innovative offshore casting rod in 1997.



Super muscular carbon blank:

The limited lifting power of the rods of yesteryear was a necessary sacrifice to make them castable. However, the Tobizo series of rods has finally overcome the problems of compromising casting performance for lifting power and strength for elasticity. The novel T1100G material from Toray, together with Nanoalloy® resin, yields a superiorly strong yet soulful carbon blank. These design factors contribute to the Tobizo’s outstanding strength without sacrificing—in fact, only improving—its long-casting ability.



“Surprising cast distance”


We all want to be able to cast farther, and for very good reason.

A longer cast allows you to reach the fish that were once way out of reach, reducing the likelihood of spooking them with the boat. With a longer cast, you can cover more water, which ultimately gives you a better chance of hooking a fish.

Consider this: if every cast you make goes 10m farther, and over the course of a day you make 100 casts, then you’ll have covered an extra 1,000m (1km) by the end of the day. Although this may not seem like much, when blind casting for tuna or GTs, this 1km of extra distance drastically increases the probability of a fish taking your lure; in fact, it very well may be the difference between going home empty-handed and shattering a record.

 Easier distance improves the productivity of your fishing. How so? By using a rod that allows you to conserve your energy, you’ll feel like making more casts and have more energy left for the fight. Unprecedentedly efficient, the ultralight Tobizo’s optimized Toray carbon blank allows you to cast with 80% less effort.




“Genuine lifting power”

A rod’s “lifting power” is not characterized by how stiff it is; rather, it is defined by the rod’s ability to exert force on the fish. Contrary to popular belief, a stiff rod does not provide anglers any advantage while fighting large fish; all a stiff rod does is put a greater strain on the angler instead of dispersing the load throughout the blank. By incorporating a blank which absorbs the load of a fighting fish, the angler has the advantage of bringing the fight to the fish comfortably during otherwise grueling, protracted battles.

The Tobizo series allows anglers to run high drag pressures on the rods. The extremely strong, elastic T1100G carbon incorporated in the blank translates this pressure into lifting power for the angler. No other offshore casting rod its weight can boast the same lifting power as the Tobizo, which stands apart in a class all its own



Design Patent No.1638907

ZENAQ’s innovative ergonomic hexagonal foregrip, known as the Hexagon Grip, is designed to fit an angler’s hands comfortably, giving him or her a huge advantage when fighting large fish. Contoured to maximize grip with minimal pressure, your hand will not tire nearly as much as with a cylindrical handle during a fight with a large fish. Additionally, the hexagonal grip offers more precise lure control, helping you tempt more strikes from fish.


  • For Catching 200kg+ Tuna

    NEW TC77 TUNA - Monster Buster

    • DBL Structure

    • Monster Blank

    • Hexagon Rubber Grip

    A monster rod born for the sole purpose of catching 200kg+ tuna.
    This rod allows you to cast and accurately control the necessary lures (80g to 230g plugs) depending on the situation, and even allows "normal-sized anglers" to "bend the rod and lift a 200kg+ tuna".
    With its incredible heavy load durability, it can withstand the maximum drag of a large reel at a 65 degree rod angle.
    The rod blank is made using a revolutionary blank molding method called [DBL structure] that breaks the mold of rod design, resulting in an unprecedented monster blank. Equipped with parts worthy of the monster blank, this rod is the ultimate gear for going head-to-head with monster tuna.
    Monster Buster Special Site
  • for Technical game


    • Length:8’0”/Lure:30-80g/PE Line:MAX 4
      Recommended reel size:SW5000~6000
    • Targeting yellowtail, tuna, and any other inshore and pelagic species in the 3-10kg (5-25lb) size
    The TC80-50G delivers long and accurate casts with the help of ZENAQ’s proprietary RG guide system. The rod is primarily used for targeting blue runners, although it can be used for many other smaller inshore and pelagic species. This rod excels in casting lures up to 50g. It has a sensitive tip section enabling you to feel even the slightest of bites.
  • for All-Round game


    • Length: 8'0" / Lure: 50-110g / PE Line: MAX 6
      Recommended reel size:SW8000~14000
    • Targeting yellowtail, tuna, and any other inshore and pelagic species in the 7-20kg (15-45lb) size
    TC80-80G is the most versatile rod in theTobizo series. Although 80g is the sweet spot whencasting this rod, it throws anything in the 40-110g range extremely well. This rod is equipped with the ZENAQ’s proprietary RG guide system, which gets the very most out of the Tobizo’s fast-recovering blank to make it ideal for almost any kind of fishing.
  • for Tuna game

    NEW TC84-100G

    • Length: 8'4" / Lure: 60-110g / PE Line: MAX 8
      Recommended reel size:SW8000~14000
    • Targeting tuna, monstrous blue runners, and any other inshore and pelagic species in the 15-60kg (30-130lb) size range.
    It excels in the long-distance casting of 60g to 150g lures, and can aim at certain spots in baitball never reached before. In a tuna casting game, even a light lure of about 40g can bring out sufficient casting distance and attractive lure action. It has a butt power that assumes its main targets are 30kg to 50kg tunas. In the field test, it caught yellowfin tuna of over 70kg without issue. In addition, assuming a long-time fight particular to tuna games, it has an ability to tackle large tuna while minimizing the burden on the angler's body. TC84-100G will greatly improve your tuna capture rate.
  • for Tuna game


    • Length: 8'6" / Lure: 70-160g / PE Line: MAX 8
      Recommended reel size:SW8000~18000
    • Targeting tuna, monstrous blue runners, and any other inshore and pelagic species in the 15-70kg (30-150lb) size range.
    The TC86-110G is the best-casting rod in the Tobizo series, exemplifying the “cast farther than ever before” ethos of the Tobizo series perfectly. The amazing distance is best achieved with lures in the 110g range. Perfect for taking on all types of tunoids, this mode’s super high elasticity and potential for distance make it ideal for reaching and subduing even the mighty tuna, despite their incredible strength and speed.
  • for Tuna & Trevally


    • Length: 8'3" / Lure: 90-180g / PE Line: MAX 8
      Recommended reel size:SW10000~20000
    • Targeting tuna, GT, and other large inshore and pelagic species in the 20-80kg (50-175lb) size range
    The TC83-150G has been fine-tuned to be the perfect crossover GT popping and tuna stickbaiting rod. GT rods traditionally had an extremely stiff tip for working large cupped poppers, while tuna rods have had a more moderate action conducive to ultimate distance and working stickbaits. ZENAQ’s twenty years of experience building boat casting rods has taught us to optimize the sweet spot between power and castability. The fact that it is not as heavy as larger GT rods means you can still target these fish without feeling the exhaustion that those rods bring. The TC83-150G casts best with lures in the 150g range.
  • for Trevally


    • Length: 8'0" / Lure: 120-230g / PE Line: MAX 10
      Recommended reel size:SW10000~20000
    • Targeting tuna, GT, and other large inshore and pelagic species in the 30-100kg+
    The TC80-200G is the strongest model in the entire Tobizo lineup. This rod is used by anglers trying to target giant tuna and record-smashing GT’s. The belly section of the rod is perfect for casting 200g lures, while the butt has the power to rip fish out of the reef. The seamless transition of these blank characteristics makes this rod a very effective and versatile big fish tool. The ultra-strong TC80-200G blank is a choice weapon for expert anglers and balanced so well that any angler can wield it with authority.