"The ultimate in operability"
Hexagon reel seat changes your fishing.


What is the Hexagon Reel Seat ?


A reel seat is the only contact
point between a rod and an angler.

It is an important part for accurately transmitting the angler's intentions to the rod.
Like a steering wheel for a racing driver to control a car, we aim for the ultimate operability.


While Zenaq was pushing the limits of rod performance, we had a major complaint about the conventional reel seat.
For example, the wobbling of the reel during reeling, and a lag between the rod operation and the actual movement due to the wobble.
We thought about solving this wobbling in order to operate it delicately and powerfully.
We adopted the strongest material, "long fiber carbon," for the frame, and we also paid attention to the shape and texture that comfortably fits the human hand.
By covering the frame with rubber, the reel seat fits in the palm and makes it possible to operate with less force.
After starting design and development in 2018, the "ultimate operability, Hexagon reel seat" was completed after five years of trial and error.
It will surely change your fishing.

Performance of the Hexagon reel seat:


  • Advantages.01
    No wobble operation:
    The solid carbon frame obtained by compositing high-strength and long-fiber carbon from Torayca® with a special molding machine holds the reel firmly without wobbling even with a large reel.
  • Advantages.02
    Human interface connecting an angler and a rod:
    By covering the surface of the frame with rubber with the optimum hardness, a new sensation of feeling that fits in your hand is realized.
    You can easily decide the rod action without unnecessary force. We adopted a rubber material that does not cause stickiness due to aging.
  • Advantages.03
    Easy-hold hexagon design:
    The reel seat is also hexagonal in shape, the same as the hexagon grip that is effective during fighting and reeling.
    This suppresses the "wobble of the reel left and right" and transmits power without loss. It contributes to saving the grip strength that is lost first and increases the landing rate.
  • Advantages.04
    Securely hold. innovative “rubber cushion”:
    We devised a "rubber cushion" on the part where the reel foot is placed. This makes it difficult to loosen even if it is not tightened too much, and suppresses the wobble of the reel even in hard fishing, giving the rod and reel a complete sense of unity.

<< About compatible reels >>

It is compatible with the current models of Daiwa and Shimano.

We cannot guarantee damage to reels from overseas as we have not been able to confirm their operation. (Due to the size and shape of the reel foot)

Also, even if it is a compatible reel, if the reel foot is not properly inserted, it may damage the reel seat and reel foot. Please check before use.

User reviews

・ There is no wobble left and right during reeling, and there is a sense of stability. I used to hold the front grip of the hexagon, but I felt that it was easier to operate if I held it close to the reel with this reel seat.

・ It feels like the rod and reel are completely integrated.

・ The reel does not loosen and is securely fixed, so the casting is perfect.

・ I set the SW8000, and the fit with the reel is good and the design is good. I hope it will be adopted in all the other models.

・ I kept throwing for 10 hours. I felt that the decrease in grip strength was less than with the conventional reel seat.

・ The previous reel seat would loosen, so I would tighten it during the fight, but the hexagon reel seat did not loosen at all, and I was able to use it without problems all day. I would like this reel seat to be applied to all series.

・ It is extremely effective in reducing the burden of dealing with large fish and continuing to cast. It helps to suppress the recoil of the rod that occurs during casting and stabilize it.

・ When using floating stickbaits, my fingers fit very comfortably due to hexagon shape. It is a very easy-to-grip shape with a slight softness.

・ I didn't know how much to tighten it at first, but it didn't loosen even if I didn't tighten it with too much force.

・ Even when used in rainy weather, it was possible to use it without slipping due to the effect of rubber.

<< Precautions for using the Hexagon Reel Seat>>

Do not tighten the reel too much when attaching it.

(This may cause a malfunction inside the hood structure.)

Although it is a structure that is less likely to loosen, please check occasionally during long fishing that the reel seat is not loosened.