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About Rod Purchase
Place an order at the ZENAQ official dealers in your country or region.
Many of our products are currently out of stock, and it may several months to deliver an order. Thank you for your understanding.
Inquire at your local dealer regarding delivery times.
About our products
We do not set maximum drag, as such numbers would vary depending conditions like water depth, line angle, fish size and position, etc., making them ambiguous.
Max drag is also unrepresentative of rod strength.
The following are reference numbers. Note that rods may sustain damaged if it is angled too high, regardless of whether or not the weight its bearing falls within these numbers.

Max drag reference numbers (Calculated using PE line strength)
PE #2 4 ~ 5㎏
PE #3 6 ~ 7㎏
PE #4 8 ~ 9㎏
PE #5 10 ~ 11㎏
PE #6 12 ~ 13㎏
PE #8 14 ~ 15㎏
PE #10 16 ~ 17㎏
The joint is designed so that there is a slight gap.
This is meant to help account for the expansion, contraction, and wear on joints due to seasonal and environmental changes and age.
Forcing it all the way in may damage it.
The length of the joint gap varies with the model, the correct sizes of which are listed below.

Handle joint (Tobizo, FOKEETO IKARI, etc.) approximately 5-15mm
Spigot joint [Light class] (PLAISIR ANSWER, SNIPE, etc.) approximately 5-10 mm
Spigot joint [Heavy class] (MUTHOS, etc.) approximately 8-13 mm
Put-in/put-over (Expedition, etc.) approximately 5-13 mm
The joints have a very delicate, tapered design, meaning the depth may change due to expansion and contraction from seasonal or environmental changes or usage over time. This is not a defect.
Do not adjust or change the joint by yourself. Have it repaired and adjusted by a professional.
Joints may break or crack if used when shallow or loose.
Ensure joints are firmly inserted before use.
Joints may loosen during use; make sure to check during use.
If a joint is too shallow despite being inserted, try readjusting it.
Most processes ZENAQ go through are done by hand, meaning each rod will have unique variations. Only products that meet our performance requirements and have passed our inspection standards are shipped.
Minor variations that place rods above our inspection standards are not deemed defected and not rejected.
When the rods bend, the guides stick out, which causes cracks in the coating.
This cannot be avoided, and is caused by the physical properties of the fishing rods. Cracking is especially likely to occur when using double-legged or large guides.
Cracks do not affect the strength of the guide in any way, and will not cause any problems during use.
It is impossible to eliminate 100% of blank bending with our current rod manufacturing technology.
Bending is not a defect in function or strength, and will not cause any problems during use.
Rods are made of several parts made of different materials, like carbon blanks and metal parts.
Every material has its own strength and flexibility, and this will cause some sound when casting and other actions.
These sounds may be caused by the structure of the rod, but this does not mean there are any defects in the function or strength of the rod, and will not cause any problems during use.
Large changes in temperature caused by placing rods in hot cars or similar places may lead to rod failure. Avoid storing them in places with such changes in temperature.
Storing rods in direct sunlight may cause color change and deterioration.
Cleaning may cause sticking, so remove each part and remove dirt and salt individually after fishing.
About rod repairs
See the following link for rod repair requests.
Regarding the information listed on our website
Information listed on our website and catalogs are subject to change without notice.

The recommended line and lure weights under rod specifications do not represent guarantees that keeping weight under the stated values will prevent breakage. Some usage conditions may result in damage even when the rods are used within the given ranges. The values provided are for reference only.

Overall rod length, closed length, rod own weight, and grip length may be a little different due to individual product variation.