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/ Offshore casting

An offshore casting rod
designed for anglers who test their limits

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ModelLength (ft)Lure WT
Min~Max (g)
Line WT (PE)
SINPAA 83 HIRAMASA8' 3"65~130PE 5~8

An offshore casting rod

designed for anglers who test their limits


A specialty rod developed for specific conditions, the SINPAA rod action breathes life into your lures and draws out their maximum potential according to fish size, season, and other factors. The SINPAA has evolved into a rod for specialists, inheriting the high-level performance of the FOKEETO Casting series, the original specialized rods from the early days of offshore casting.



This rod was specially designed for catching the Big One that many people have tried and failed to land. It evokes the spirit of a mountaineer climbing the most difficult peaks in search of his or her own limits.




Design Patent No.1638907

ZENAQ’s innovative ergonomic hexagonal foregrip, known as the Hexagon Grip, is designed to fit an angler’s hands comfortably, giving him or her a huge advantage when fighting large fish. Contoured to maximize grip with minimal pressure, your hand will not tire nearly as much as with a cylindrical handle during a fight with a large fish. Additionally, the hexagonal grip offers more precise lure control, helping you tempt more strikes from fish.


  • Offshore casting



    • Assist guide

    • Ocean guide setting

    • Length: 8' 3" / Lure: 65~130g / PE Line: 5~8
      Recommended reel size:SW10000~14000HG
    • Targeting 10~20kg over fish
    A specialty rod designed for diving pencils (floating stickbait). The smooth, powerful belly and butt sections stop monster fish from dashing away (which can create 15 to 16 kilograms of drag) and maintain high pressure on the fish.

    The exquisite blank taper and resilient tip section allow diving pencils to swim perfectly and create the necessary line slack for your next action. The strong belly section provides smooth, powerful slide while casting and fighting fish, and is designed to be thick and powerful enough to handle monster-class fish.

    The assist guide at the tip section drastically reduces line problems. The four guides from the tip are single-wrapped for sharpness and delicacy to ensure the best lure action, and the three guides from the butt guide are double-wrapped to withstand violent resistance from huge fish.

    This rod was originally developed for catching huge amberjack yellowtail over 20 kilograms in Japan. The SINPAA 83 Hiramasa is powerful enough to fight tuna, GT, and other monsters around the world.