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Rod Protection Film

/ Fishing gear

Protect your precious rods from scratches
The flexible special film can be applied neatly even on curved surfaces.
It keeps rods beautiful and reduces the risk of breakage due to scratches.

297mm x 105mm(1 sheet)

A chipping-resistant (protector) sheet made of 150 µm urethane film with excellent abrasion resistance, impact resistance, damage resistance, and weather resistance.
High transparency of the film makes it difficult to see after application.

How to use
・Cut the film with scissors or a cutter according to the area of use.
・Wipe off any oil or dirt before use.
・Apply the film in order from the edges, making sure that no air enters the film.

・Due to its strong adhesive strength, please be careful when peeling off the film.
( The painted surface of the rod may peel off )
・Store the film at room temperature away from UV light and use it at your earliest convenience.