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3D Short Glove

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Thanks to the 3D short design of these gloves, they can be put on and taken off in a cinch, which helps when performing delicate procedures such as tying knots to change lures.

Evolved 3-D cutting

Zenaq’s 3-D cutting technique shapes these gloves to the exact natural shape of a real hand so you can focus on fighting your fish—not your gloves. Featuring AMARA & HANZO technologies for superior grippiness and a stretchy mesh material to improve the fit of these gloves for anybody’s hands, our gloves are the perfect complement to our rods to improve every moment you have on the water.


A special process that creates a dotted surface impervious to the cold, water, time, and slime, you can count on the 3D Short Gloves to provide gecko-like grip in the most demanding conditions season after season.

AMARA texture
All 3D Short Gloves incorporate a soft artificial leather with high durability and air/water permeability. Dry or wet, it never loses its ideal texture.

Critical finger protection
Both the thumb and index fingers are reinforced with an extra layer of thin, strong material for stand up to the rigors of repeated casting and fighting fish.

Flex mesh
The 3D Short Gloves’ fine, stretchy mesh material ensures a tight yet unrestrictive fit that improves dexterity and overall feel. Additionally, the high permeability of the material allows the gloves to dry and evaporate moisture rapidly.