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MUTHOS Capture 6.0 New

/ Landing Shaft

6.0m for Reliable Catching
MUTHOS Capture 6.0

The big fish of your dreams is finally on, but landing the fish is not easy.
There are many situations where the gaff cannot reach the target with a short shaft.
We have thoughtfully designed a telescoping long shaft and a flying gaff to improve the landing rate of big fish.
MUTHOS Capture 6.0 allows the use of the flying gaff even when fishing alone.

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Accessories : Flying gaff cleat, Rope for flying gaff, Original rope pouch
5-way -zoom length: 1.4m → 2.5m → 3.7m → 4.9m → 6.0m
Screw: 1/2 Whitworth screw thread


MUTHOS Capture 6.0 product description video


Product Features


5-way zoom

5-way zoom that can be locked at each joint.
The length can be adjusted in 5 different length: 1.4m / 2.5m / 3.7m / 4.9m / 6.0m.
The length can be optimally adjusted according to the height of the scaffold, allowing for use in any location.

Highly rigid shaft

A highly rigid shaft that resists deflection and twisting under the weight of fish and water pressure supports secure gaff placement. The thick blank design provides a sense of security, even when used in rough conditions.

Gaff point

Bold, easy-to-read GAFF POINT printing.
By aligning the gaff point with the print in advance, the direction of the gaff point, which is difficult to see at the water surface, can be easily checked, enabling stable gaffing.

Air intake

Air intake with dust guard supports quick and smooth telescoping. The rubber end has the ZENAQ logo.


Compatible with flying gaff


Cleat for flying gaff

The cleat for securing ropes to facilitate the use of flying gaffs. Rope can be attached and detached with a single touch. It eliminates the hassle of holding the rope and allows the use of a flying gaff even when fishing alone. It also prevents rolling on rocky shores.

Rope for Flying Gaff

It comes with 10 meters of 8mm diameter rope that offers a good balance of strength and ease of use.

Rope pouch

Dedicated rope pouch for securing the rope to the rod. Sleek and sturdy tarpaulin fabric is used for smooth rope in and out. 
It includes a Velcro rope stopper that prevents excess rope from coming out.
Also it prevents the shaft from rolling on rocky shores.

MUTHOS Capture 6.0 is designed for easy operation of a flying gaff.

MUTHOS Capture 6.0 are designed for ease of operation with the high rigidity carbon shafts.
The shaft is strong enough, however, carbon fiber may lose its strength due to scratches and damages.
Please be careful when carrying and handling it on the rocky shore.
Pulling up a large fish with a regular gaff may cause the joint to stick, using a flying gaff is recommended.